Hello, I want to take advantage of this moment when you are reading this to talk to you about those excuses you give yourself for not learning to play the guitar. I’m not going to try to convince you, but to make you think so that you make a decision and stop procrastinating, whatever the result.
Let’s start at the beginning: You like the guitar, don’t you? You wish you could caress its strings and play those songs you love so much and share it with your family, friends… But in your head you have three blocks that you have let convince you not to do it, as if they were fears that act as a group to prevent you from fulfilling your dream.

The first block is your age. Perhaps you think that you are too old and that you have to start too soon, that it is too late, that you no longer have the faculties.
This is an excuse based on false myths such as the “child prodigy”, that there is an age to learn, the “innate” talent and all these legends that do so much harm along with some others that we will be dismantling in this blog. Let me tell you that your age is the excuse you give yourself for not facing the fact that, as the cover of the Jethro Tull album says:



“Too old to rocknroll and too young to die”. I have chosen it because it is very direct and expressive and represents an undeniable reality: while there is life there is hope and it is never too late to be happy with the guitar. There is NO specific age to start because age is not the important thing but the desire to do it.
The second blockage is time. Maybe you think you don’t have time, that you are too busy with work, studies, family… Let me ask you a few questions: How much time do you waste every day with your mobile/tablet/computer without a fixed purpose?

All that time could be spent doing something you really enjoy, like …. playing the guitar!!, exactly. And watching TV? Did you know that you can practice watching TV and that it is the way Elvis learned to play? Did you know that many musicians practice while doing other tasks as a way to internalize the technique without thinking about it? Victor Wooten, Robert Fripp… Do you know how much time you need to advance and that you yourself are noticing the progress when it comes to handling chords, rhythms and melodies? Well, 20 minutes. Only 20 MINUTES. Thanks to the development of technology you no longer have a timetable to learn with an online course and lessons. The content is recorded ready for you to watch it whenever, wherever and however you want. You can watch it on your mobile/tablet/computer and take it with you everywhere you go to take advantage of all those “dead” times when you are waiting for whatever reason. There are masters like Manolo Sanlúcar who I’ve heard say that they even have a guitar in the toilet to practice, although I think that’s an exaggeration…

There is no specific time to be happy with the guitar and if you don’t have time it’s because you’re spending it on something else, including those 20 minutes you need to learn to play the guitar. The question is how you allocate your daily time and whether you are making the most of it or wasting it on social media.The third block is the cost, the money, and I want you to do the calculation yourself:

1 month in a group class of at least 4 people in a school will cost you around 45 €. If it’s a private class, it’s much more, around 60 €.
+possible registration fee: if it’s a school, usually one month
+transport (petrol, gas, metro, bus…): you name the amount.
+time to get there and back, what price do we put on the time you are going to lose?
+mask: its cost is derisory but to spend an hour with it on your face is more stress, how much does that cost?

Calculate the total and tell me if it is not much more expensive than enrolling directly in our Online Guitar School. You know it is. Money is not the problem, nor is time or your age. It’s time to make your decision and don’t give it any more thought. Make your passion come true. What are you waiting for?
If you are determined to learn to play the guitar, whatever it is, and you want to learn your favourite popular songs in an easy and fun way I recommend you to take a look at our courses. At Online Guitar School we have one designed exclusively for you.

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