With the advent of the global pandemic, courses and classes in guitar and really in every subject have spread all over the internet, and it is a fact that we are constantly bombarded with course advertisements on social media networks. Online education is growing at a rapid pace and is already complementing traditional face-to-face education. As everything has its positive and negative sides, we are going to analyze here its pros and cons. 

The main criticism that can be made on the vast majority of guitar courses on the internet is that they are “closed” courses, where the content is made in advance and are usually a collection of videos and scores without much order or progression of difficulty, and that do not adapt to the level of the person concerned. Either you adapt or you will waste your time and money, not to mention all those details of the classroom class that do not appear in the books or videos and that your teacher provides according to your personal level, since no one monitors or corrects you. How do you expect to learn this way? Can you imagine trying to learn anything this way?

The downside of the internet and especially of certain online video platforms, is that they are like a television where, if you do not know exactly what you are looking for because you start from a beginner level, you bounce from here to there without order or organization.  This is a situation I have been observing since the advent of the internet, and which did not exist before. The Nibbler, a person crammed with information, useless because he does not know how to use it, having exhausted his free time, gets bored and leaves. It’s Groundhog Day, over and over again.





Unlike the vast majority marketing on the internet, our intent is not to sell a course, but to bring the lifelong learning of a traditional guitar school to the online world, capitalizing on its advantages and eliminating its drawbacks.

Although in our school we call them “courses or classes”, our teaching is traditionally academic as in any offline school, but without the limitations of schedules or calendars.  You advance from where you are to the level you want to reach by setting your own pace of learning. You can connect and enjoy a new lesson whenever you want and as many times as you want, as in all online courses, but with a big difference: the course grows and adapts to your own personal progress and it is an individualized course supervised by your teacher. Each person has a different learning pace and different needs.

If you think you have had enough and want to take the first step to break the vicious circle of wasted time and mediocre results I encourage you to try our free guitar beginners course.  See for yourself the quality of our guitar courses in our online guitar school. Starting from a base content we will advance and work with you, guiding you in whichever musical direction you want to go.

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